Linking pavement management to GIS

Queensland's Logan City Council has linked its Pavement Management System (PMS) with its Geographical Information Systems(GIS) to provide information about its road system in a graphical format.

As PMS and GIS systems differ in the way they record data, it was necessary to reconcile the two systems. PMS uses a method of road chainage and offset to identify road infrastructure assets. Large amounts of data defining asset characteristics and physical condition is required if deterioration prediction modelling is to be utilised.

By contrast GIS locate recorded items by recording their Australian Map Grid coordinates. This means Council had to overcome the problem of representing already collected asset information in a GIS format.

The solution was to develop software which will convert ASCI, or straight text formatted asset data, into a graphically displayed GIS layer. The software allows data to be extracted from Council's PMS and graphically represented at any time.

Works Engineer Daryl Reilly said in a further update to the system a dynamic link has been created. This means once a one off reference is created in GIS, associated data from PMS is automatically included.

For further information contact Daryl Reilly, telephone (07) 3826 5525.