Kiwis help Toowoomba 'fix it'

Toowoomba City Council is enlisting the help of residents in tracking matters which need attention in the City.

Mayor Tony Burke said that Council was making it easier for residents to report problems by providing them with a reply paid 'Fix-It' form. They can use this form now or at a later date.

"Residents often notice problems like litter, mosquito infestations, damaged park equipment, faulty street lights and traffic hazards," he said. "The 'Fix-It' form gives them an opportunity to help us improve the City."

The form provides an easy fill in format, with common problems listed under the headings of Animals; Health; Parks, Gardens and Open Spaces; Roads; and Water.

An 'other' box allows for unusual matters. Residents can simply tick the problem area and use space at the bottom of the form to provide details.

Tony Burke said the form includes a reply paid option so residents do not have to pay for a stamp or a phone call. Council benefits from receiving vital information, and being able to track problems more efficiently.

For urgent matters ratepayers can still call Council direct. An 1800 number is available for after hours calls. The initiative is based on a similar system used in Toowoomba's sister city, Wanganui in New Zealand.

For further information contact the Customer Service Coordinator, telephone (07) 4688 6631.