Foreshore works to improve environment

Works designed to remove algae and odours from the City of Albany's foreshore lakes will bring the added bonus of improved recreational and aesthetic value.

The Foreshore Lakes development involves works scheduled over the next two years. This will reduce the nutrients from upstream drainage entering the harbour, as well as giving the area significant recreational and environmental value.

The first stage of the project was construction of a freshwater lake on the eastern side of the existing saltwater lake and culvert works. Work currently underway will create another freshwater lake on the western side of the saltwater lake.

As well as reducing the size of the saltwater lake, this will reduce algal growth and its associated odours. The newly created freshwater lake will also act as a nutrient stripping pond.

Included in the project are plans for a gazebo. A footbridge crossing the spillway to connect the two lakes will increase the area's recreational value.

Council has allocated $75,000 to the project and is seeking further funding under the 'Coast and Clean Seas' program. The project is supported by the Albany Waterways Management Authority as it will significantly reduce the nutrients, originating in stormwater, entering the harbour.

Executive Director of Works and Services Colin Meeking said the works will go a long way to solving the problem of decomposing algae as well as beautifying the area.

"The environmental planners have commented that the works will also attract wildlife back to this area," he said. "The work will ensure the Foreshore Lakes area will become a great recreational and environmental asset for the City and its people."

For further information contact Colin Meeking, telephone (08) 9841 2770.