Doing business with Council

A new Customer Centre presents a friendly and efficient face to people seeking information or doing business with Council. The aim is to provide customers with a single point at which they can complete transactions with Council.

Ultimately, it is anticipated that 90% of Council business will be handled at the Centre. As the 'front door' of Council, the Centre, greets customers in an identifiably South Australian style. A feature wall of Murray Bridge limestone, Mintaro slate on the floor and local black granite all combine to wave the colours of South Australia.

"This is a Capital City Council," said Glenn Hoppo, who has had the responsibility of setting up the Centre. "We must serve the whole State. And we must present as a professional organisation."

Glenn said the most important ingredient of the new Centre is its staff. "Our Customer Centre staff have been chosen specifically for their people skills," he said. "They are people who can work together as a team, who have the capacity to grow with the organisation, and to self manage.

"What we have to do is provide staff with the tools to do the job and remove any barriers which might impede them doing their job." A comprehensive training program provides Customer Centre staff with the necessary information and skills.

In addition, a well designed work space at the front desk and the call centre assist staff to meet residents' and ratepayers' needs.

Each Council Department has a liaison person in the Customer Centre who attends departmental team meetings. This provides up to date information and an ongoing link between the Customer Centre and the department, rather than relying on memos for inter office communication.

Inquiry friendly features characterise the Centre's design. These include seating and a lowered desk for people with a disability, cordless phones for customers to make further enquiries in private, customer computer access and meeting areas where extended consultation and discussions can take place.

Outside staff and other Council workers who field enquiries from people on the streets of Adelaide have been issued with cards and handy storage wallets. Carrying the City logo, these direct people to the Customer Centre.