City at heart of the State

With over 90% of the State's population residing in Greater Adelaide, the City of Adelaide sees itself as having broader responsibilities than most Local Governments including other Capital City Councils.

A survey carried out in 1996 found that over 98% of respondents regarded Adelaide as a flagship for the State, with its vitality critical to future economic and social prospects for the State. Chief Executive Officer Jude Munro said the City's role as a focal point and representative for the whole of the State has resulted in its own legislation, the City of Adelaide Act.

"This has been a period of exciting change for our City Government," she said. "It means Council must represent all of the community. This includes people who live here, work, study, visit or own property in the City.

The Act has led to the establishment of the Capital City Committee. Comprising the Premier, two Ministers, the Lord Mayor and two Councillors, it provides a formal mechanism for consultation between the State Government and Council over future directions for the City of Adelaide.

Jude Munro said Adelaide is Australia's only Capital City at the demographic heart of its State. Its role is to maintain and strengthen the City's vitality, to capitalise on the strengths, not only of Adelaide, but the whole State of South Australia.

She said the Capital City Committee is responsible for developing Adelaide as the hub of civic life. It is also responsible for promoting and coordinating strategies to enhance tourism and economic, cultural and educational development in South Australia. A host of projects and events are working to achieve this. The Capital City Committee also monitors the success of these programs.

Events are as diverse as the staging of Wagner's Ring Cycle; the Sensational Adelaide V8 car race; the International Horse Trials, one of only three four star equestrian events held in the world; through to Tasting Australia, an international food and wine event based on viticulture, one of South Australia's strongest industries.

Jude Munro said Adelaide is well on track to achieve its objectives with 1998 resulting in a 9% increase in international tourists and hosting 17% of all International Conferences held in Australia.