Building Unit expertise sought nationwide

As home to a vibrant artistic community, Victoria's picturesque Mount Alexander Shire boasts a number of unusual and innovative building designs. This has led to a growth in expertise in the Mount Alexander Shire Building Unit which has the job of certifying the structures as safe and in line with building regulations.

In recent years the team has certified several straw bale houses. This includes a two storey example, a two storey mud brick home with a ballroom, and a medieval house held together with wooden pegs and mortis joints. While these are unusual, the trend for individualistic home design in Mount Alexander has meant such applications now barely raise an eyebrow in the Mount Alexander Building Unit.

Although a small Shire, the expertise the team has developed has resulted in requests to certify similar dwellings in other areas. Building Inspector Brian Tung said there are a growing number of architecturally challenging designs making their mark. He said calls come to the Unit from all over Australia wanting to know more about innovative types of construction.

"Mount Alexander is well known as a very artistic and environmentally friendly community, and landowners or developers who want to build something a little different know that we have the expertise in this area," he said. He said the unusual designs do not equate to huge savings, but are often examples of environmentally friendly construction methods.

For further information contact Brian Tung, telephone (03) 5471 1759.