Technology upgrade for improved service

With 28% of residents having internet access, it is not surprising that community surveys have shown that Parramatta residents would prefer to do as much business with Council as possible using this facility.

Similarly, due to busy lives, many people prefer to use the telephone to obtain information or do business with Council rather than spending valuable time visiting the Council offices.

To this end, and to increase the quality of Council service and delivery systems, Parramatta Council has embarked on a program to upgrade its information technology. This is not a matter of installing technology for technology's sake, rather it is part of an action plan to improve service delivery.

In recent months Council's computer network has been upgraded. This has linked remote work sites via electronic internal communications, established a new library management system, provided email and internet access for staff and improved security of the network.

Many Council payments and orders are already being made via the internet and plans are afoot to continually increase the use of E commerce facilities. The upgrade will include a Computer Technology Training Centre, increased library catalogue access via the internet, and email facilities for the public.

In addition, new software will facilitate quick turnaround of customer queries and accurate monitoring processes. This will be complemented by the installation of multi function sites around the City to provide people with convenient access points for enquiries and transactions.

Council is also in the process of evaluating options for establishing a central Call Centre which will dovetail into the newly upgraded computer system. A new Customer Service Strategy, incorporating the Call Centre, has also been developed.

This totally integrated system reflects the needs and desires of the public as determined through community surveys. It also goes hand in hand with Council's mission to be 'the best Council in New South Wales'.