Safe solution to mozzie attack

At their best mosquitoes can ruin an outdoor evening. At their worst they spread debilitating diseases, such as malaria and Ross River fever. Unfortunately, use of chemicals to stop them breeding can be damaging to the environment and have the potential to create even further health problems in the long run.

Redland Shire Council, in the quest for an environmentally friendly form of mosquito control, has developed the Redland K-3 Runnelling Machine. The Runnelling Machine creates spoon shaped channels to flush mosquito larvae into tidal areas where they are eliminated naturally, as food for fish.

Council estimates that it can save between $45 and $220 per hectare as the machine reduces the need to chemically spray breeding sites. Not only is the method cheaper, it produces long term rather than short term results. The Runnelling Machine has proved its worth, eliminating entire breeding sites with no damage to the environment.

"Instead of trying to put out fires with regard to mosquito control, the mosquito control unit is able, with the Runnelling Machine, to make sure the fires do not have a chance to start," said Redland Mayor Cr Eddie Santagiuliana.

Council has constructed over 500 metres of runnels on Russell Island with excellent results. Water is able to move off the site eliminating a drainage problem as well as the mosquito breeding environment.

Construction, land development and engineering industries can also benefit from the use of the machine. "Wherever there is a drainage problem that needs a spoon drain to solve it the Redland Runnelling Machine may hold the answer," Cr Santagiuliana said.

"We are discovering new markets for the machine. Its use of laser technology ensures spoon drains are in the right place and slope in the right direction."