Reducing diesel emissions

A pilot program to test the viability of using gas powered diesel trucks at Western Australia's City of Gosnells is proving highly successful.

Workshop Supervisor, Ross Owen, said the gas conversions have the potential to save money, reduce dangerous greenhouse emissions and reduce noise. Furthermore, he said, LPG is readily available at service stations throughout the State.

At a time when the issue of diesel emissions is on the national agenda, the pilot program at Gosnells may hold a key to some compromise on the issue. Council is working with Nagasco Services Inc which developed the technology to convert diesel vehicles to duel fuel.

Council initially installed the conversion kit on a street sweeper. The result was a 40% drop in diesel consumption and cost savings of $20 per day. It has now converted a waste collection truck, which Ross Owen estimates will save around $6,000 per year in fuel consumption. These conversions should also extend the engine life of vehicles. Converted trucks meet the most stringent international emission standards for the Year 2000.

Mayor Norm Smith said the pilot has indicated that larger scale conversions may be possible. "This project has produced extremely promising results," he said. "In addition to being cost effective, the vehicle is environmentally friendly and although diesel/gas conversions are rare in Australia, international testing has shown the vehicles to have a long life while maintaining their reliability.

"It is the responsibility of Local Government to take this proactive approach and the City of Gosnells is proud to set the standard for others to follow." Director Commercial Services, Shayne Silcox said the conversion of diesel powered vehicles to gas marks the beginning of a new environmentally friendly approach by Gosnells.

"The vehicles are reliable, produce low emissions and, perhaps most importantly, will produce ongoing benefits via the transference of the gas conversion kits to new vehicles when old vehicles are traded from the fleet," he said.

For further information contact Ross Owens, telephone (08) 9391 3127