Raising LG awareness among the young

An innovative Young Citizens Program has been established in Redland Shire to raise the awareness of primary and high school students about Local Government. The program also aims to show the students how they can make a difference in their local community.

Originally organised as a trial, after 12 months, the program has been declared a runaway success with virtually all the Shire's schools now participating. "The program gives young people very real examples of what their Local Government does 'in their own backyard'," said Mayor Eddie Santagiuliana.

"We think the secret to the program's success is that we tailor every activity to the school's curriculum." The program involves elected representatives, specialist Council Officers and community volunteers.

Topics cover the importance of Local Government, operation of water and sewerage services, conservation, town planning and local history. Students also visit the sites of some of Council's more innovative activities, including the Cleveland Sewerage Plant worm farm and the Materials Recycling Centre.

"We believe it is important that our young people understand how things work in their community and how they can play a role now and in improving our community and protecting the environment," Councillor Santagiuliana said.