Park and ride

Public transport has a number of advantages over private transport. It reduces the volume of traffic, road accidents and pollution. It also requires less road construction and maintenance and fewer resources devoted to parking and traffic management.

Most of these are public advantages. Unfortunately, individuals making a decision on transport will tend to opt for what seems most convenient to them in the short term. The trick for public authorities, which want to convince commuters to opt for public transport, is to find a way of making it more attractive than using a private car.

With this in mind, member Councils of the Shore Regional Organisation of Councils (SHOROC), in Sydney's inner north, have launched 'Park and Ride'. Parking sites have been established outside the inner city where commuters can leave their cars and catch frequent express buses into the central city.

"Since the launch of the SHOROC Transport Policy in August, member Councils have been working together to make public transport an easier choice for our residents," said Manly Mayor and Chairperson of SHOROC, Councillor Sue Sacker.

Promotion of 'Park and Ride' included the issue of 300 free tickets during its first week of operation, and the availability of Customer Service Staff from Sydney Buses to help familiarise users with the system. Executive Officer of SHOROC, Susan Gomola said early indications are that the initiative has been well received.

"Convincing people that there is an alternative to private transport is a slow process," she said. "However, already Sydney Buses say their patronage is up and the Councils have now committed to extend the trial and market the idea further."

For further information contact Susan Gomola, telephone (02) 9982 3178.