City of Trees

Parramatta Council is keen to substantially increase the number of trees in the City and by the end of this financial year 16,000 new plantings will have been established.

Trees bring considerable benefits to urban environments. They soften the streetscape and improve its appeal. In addition, they protect pedestrians from heat and sunlight in summer and contribute to improved air quality.

Council believes a program to increase plantings will only work if the community gets behind the project. As a result, it has enlisted the help of local businesses, 40 local 'bushcare groups' and the community at large.

Plans include the planting out of the main routes into Parramatta, including the major public thoroughfare, along train lines. Floral gateways to the City in the form of attractive flower beds are also in the pipeline. To contribute to the costs involved, Council is seeking to encourage business sponsorship.

An Urban Environmental Enhancement Scheme has been developed to obtain sponsorship support and to foster community ownership and pride in environmental enhancement projects.

Central to the program is ensuring the right tree is planted in the right place. This boosts survival rates and maximises the visual appeal carefully selected trees can bring to the City streets.

In this way, residents receive increased value for money as the trees have a better chance of survival, achieving optimum environmental and aesthetic benefits.

Community participation in the scheme is being fostered through open days at Council's nursery. Residents are also being encouraged to participate in the program by undertaking to water and tend young trees in their street.