A tidy reputation to uphold

Parramatta is not resting on its laurels after winning the 1998 Metro Pride Award. The award, which is presented to the tidiest metropolitan Council from Sydney, Wollongong or Newcastle, establishes a reputation which must be upheld.

He said it is important that the City now takes the opportunity to capitalise on this prestigious award. "From Council's point of view, we intend to use this award as a major selling point for the City," Councillor Garrard said. He said first impressions are important and by maintaining the City's attractive appearance it is an incentive for new businesses and visitors to Parramatta.

"We plan to erect signs at the major gateways to Parramatta, promoting our reputation as a tidy City to visitors and tourists," he said. "These signs will also serve to thank the local community for the important part they played in winning the award.

"Due to the sheer number of people who live and work in Parramatta, keeping the City tidy is a never ending task. "It relies on the constant vigilance of everyone in the community, ranging from picking up stray bits of paper to caring for the overall appearance of our streets and parks."