A blueprint for Parramatta's future

Strategic planning, to maximise growth opportunities and continue to shape Parramatta as a vibrant, cosmopolitan and sustainable City, has led Council to foster a number of important partnerships. Developed in close consultation with the State Government and a number of other stakeholders, not the least being the community, the Draft Parramatta Regional Environmental Plan (REP) is a blueprint for the City's future development as Sydney's second primary centre.

Other key players in the planning process include the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, University of Western Sydney, Greater Western Sydney Economic Development Board, Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils and neighbouring Councils.

Extensive consultation involving the above groups saw the release late last year of the Draft Parramatta REP. Public input to the planning process has resulted in 174 written submissions and the ideas and issues raised are now being incorporated into the final plan.

The Draft Parramatta REP provides the legal framework for achieving long term cultural and economic growth by directing and controlling future development.

It also incorporates the five key principles which will ensure Parramatta does become 'Sydney's primary centre for living and business' including: Identity, Livability, Accessibility, Prosperity, and Sustainability.

The Plan aims to promote Parramatta as a great place in which to live, work, visit and invest. It will improve the City's transport, protect its heritage assets and design a better city centre.

Specific proposals include new open space and river walkways, new employment opportunities, extensions to the public transport systems, new residential communities and adaptive reuses of heritage sites.