24 hour library service

A petition presented to Victoria's Manningham City Council requesting additional library services in the eastern section of the City has resulted in a 24 hour a day 'virtual library'.

Following receipt of the petition in 1997 Council considered traditional means of expanding services including new branches and the extension of mobile services but ultimately decided in favour of electronic services which could be available 24 hours a day.

The 12 month, $108,000 'library without walls' was launched in March by then Mayor Councillor Irene Goonan. Developed by Council and the Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation, it is the first of its type in Victoria.

The Virtual Library enables residents to access catalogues, place reservations, place reference requests and renew loans from the comfort of home, school, office or at 'Web Point Kiosks' at the local Community Centre and a nearby supermarket. These last two also serve as drop off and collection points.

During an initial trial period the service will be monitored with regard to patron satisfaction, cost effectiveness efficiency, long term viability and the impact on existing services.