One stop suite of services and solutions

Praxa's ongoing commitment to the Local Government marketplace has recently been packaged into a one stop suite of services and solutions. Commencing in 1982, Praxa has extensive Local Government experience both in Australia and New Zealand.

It has an established reputation for developing products and services to meet rapidly changing Local Government needs, such as amalgamation, performance measurement and the increased use of market testing. With its products and services already in use in 45 Councils, Praxa's suite now includes the following.

  • An integrated Local Government software solution fully tested for Y2K compliance.
  • Strategic planning and implementation services to assist Councils in deploying new technologies.
  • Ongoing services and technical support from a team with extensive experience in handling Local Government management problems and issues.

"Through our User Groups and Local Authorities Advisory Board, Praxa is continually monitoring how our products are performing, as well as gauging new requirements across the industry and at the individual Council level," said David Guy, Praxa's General Manager Local Government.

"Rather than developing a brilliant IT solution then looking for where it can be applied, we start from the reverse, by first talking to Local Government people about the issues they need to address and then building a solution to meet that requirement."

According to George Sutherland, Praxa's Chief Operating Officer, the key is developing a true partnership with each Council to produce a complete and homogeneous set of products.

"We develop best of breed systems to meet the needs of a particular Council, utilising broad based technical skills and bringing in partner vendors," he said.

For further information contact Mick O'Malley, telephone 0414 513 867 or email mick.o'malley@praxa.

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