Facilities for everyone

To meet a range of needs across the community, Stonnington has a variety of projects underway to suit the individual requirements of particular areas. In the east, an extensive park development will provide recreation for the growing number of families, while in the west of the City, a renovated fire station and chapel provide venues for the promotion of the arts.

In central Stonnington, the refurbishment of the 75 year old Harold Holt Swimming Pool will increase its accessibility and usage.

"The development of Phoenix Park showed how the community can rally," said Vanda Iaconese Stonnington's General Manager Services.

She said the coming together of people in East Malvern to develop a park and recreational facility has created a far stronger community. The complex, with a final cost of $3.7 million, will ultimately include a range of active and passive recreational facilities to cater for people of all ages.

The Park's Community Adventure Playground is the first section to be opened. Over 500 volunteers worked on its construction. Ten different working groups contributed to the project, including groups which coordinated tools, prepared food to sustain volunteer workers, provided child care, organised advertising and analysed how to cater for special needs.

Further plans for the Park include a cafe, skate facilities and a sportzcourt, an enclosed space offering a variety of sport and leisure activities. In the centre of the City, the redeveloped former Armadale Fire Station has won a commendation from Keep Australia Beautiful.

The site has been converted to a print workshop complete with a display of old printers. It also provides studio and display space for a range of local artists. In the west of the City at Chapel Off Chapel, a converted church, is host to a mix of commercial and community based arts and cultural activities.

People can come to watch a variety of performance artists, learn circus skills, or pursue other interests through a variety of workshops. In central Stonnington, $1.3 million has been invested into the refurbishing of the 75 year old Harold Holt Pool.

"The Harold Holt Swim Centre is an important community asset and Council is committed to maintaining the quality of this facility to the standards demanded by the community," said Mayor Chris Gahan.

For further information contact Vanda Iaconese, telephone (03) 9823 1333.