Creating inclusive communities

"Providing community services is not about welfare it is about the bigger picture," says Vanda Iaconese General Manager Services. "It is about assisting people to be part of the community."

She said that people's needs vary depending on where they live and their stage of life. By taking measures that make Stonnington a better place, everyone's welfare is improved. In developing its Community Services Strategic Plan, Stonnington carried out broad community consultation. This has led to continuous improvement to services in the City.

"Community consultation revealed a clear message that people consider community services very important," Vanda Iaconese said. "They also expect Council to play a key role in these services.

"Clearly the community wants us to have an advocacy role. They want us to demonstrate leadership on their behalf and bring Federal and State Government resources to the City."

As a result of its surveying, Council formulated a list of priorities. These include the following.

  • Providing a range of accommodation options for older people in supported residential services.
  • Undertaking a role as the holder of data for other local agencies and providing information analysis by pulling this data together.
  • Improving access to Council services and facilities for non English speaking people and people with disabilities.

For further information contact Vanda Iaconese, telephone (03) 9823 1333.