Better communication improves management

A new IT based customer request system has streamlined Council processes in dealing with requests, complaints and service suggestions. Underpinning the system is Stonnington's Service Charter which pledges to provide quick, efficient, quality service.

"Above all it enables us to respond to what the community wants us to be focused on," said Patti Wenn Manager Civic Services. "Since its inception 12 months ago, the new system has delivered demonstrable improvement, with response times reduced in some areas by up to 60 percent."

The system not only reduces response times and allows easy tracking of action being taken in relation to a request, it has also become a management tool.

"By monitoring the number of requests by type and location, we can identify problems and issues and respond more effectively to fix them with information and resources," said Patti Wenn. "It has increased the depth of the information available, with management able to use the system to identify service problems."

In addition to the upgraded customer request system, extensive and regular community surveys keep Council informed of current trends and issues in the community.

For further information contact Patti Wenn, telephone (03) 9823 1330.