Trails around the Shire

"We are very conscious that we provide recreation for greater Melbourne," said John Ross, Corporate Manager Infrastructure and Leisure Services.

While thousands of daily visitors usually arrive by car, many appreciate that there is more to enjoy in the Shire than can be seen from a vehicle. To provide healthy leisure activity for residents and visitors alike, Council is developing a network of trails.

This means people can walk, cycle or ride horses to enjoy the surrounds. The most significant of these trails is the 38 kilometre Lilydale to Warburton rail trail. It follows an old rail route discontinued in 1967.

The trail links the urban part of the Shire, Lilydale and Mt Evelyn, with the forested rural hinterland. It meanders through small townships, mountain scenery and many places of historical significance.

For the very keen, it is linked to the Alpine walking trail from Warburton. Completion of the trail was achieved through the cooperation of Council, the State Government's Rail Trail program and support of local community groups. These include farmers, businesses, environmentalists, equestrians, birdwatchers and historical societies.

The trail fulfils a number of leisure needs. Parts are readily accessible for people who cannot sustain strenuous exercise, such as older people, the wheelchair bound and young children.

It is also freely accessible providing low cost recreation and a safe, low cost transport route. Local school children use the trail as a safe means of getting to school rather than using major roads.

Surveying has revealed that despite the many competing attractions, both active and sedentary, walking is the most popular pastime of residents and visitors to the region. Other trails are also being developed in the Shire to create a network of interlinking paths.

For further information contact John Ross, telephone 1300 368 333.