Supporting staff in a change environment

While most sectors of the workforce have experienced a high degree of insecurity in recent times, Victorian Local Government employees have had to deal with an unusually high level of change. This includes amalgamation and the introduction of Compulsory Competitive Tendering.

At Yarra Ranges, the creation of a Bid Support Team greatly assisted staff in gaining the necessary expertise and confidence to deal with changes brought about by a more competitive environment. The Team assisted with preparation of tenders, adjustment of work practices, estimates of necessary resource levels and decision making.

"The creation of the Team meant inhouse bidders were put in a position where they could compete effectively," said Chris Flynn, Manager Business Operations.

Inhouse bids won 80 percent of work tendered by Council. Some of these areas are now benefiting from a profit share incentive for good performance. Chris Flynn said that the biggest change for staff, ranging from parks and gardens through to home care, local laws and environmental health, is that their work now has set targets and clear boundaries.

"The process has had the result of changing the relationships and culture of the organisation," he said. "Employees have much more control over their role. They are also more confident of their position in discussions with management over the direction of their particular work areas.

"This places them in a much better position to tackle the next round of tendering soon to take place."

For further information contact Chris Flynn, telephone 1300 368 333.