Planning regional tourism accommodation

The Tourism Task Force has recently published a two-part guide for Councillors and developers considering future regional tourism accommodation development.

Part 1 of the study, 'Developing Viable Regional Tourist Accommodation, Part 1 ñ The Reform Agenda for Governments', by consultants Arthur Andersen provides a blueprint for governments and developers to lure tourists away from the gateways of the major capital cities.

Chief Executive of the Tourism Task Force, Christopher Brown, said the report found that there is a high level of uncertainty amongst developers in meeting the requirements of government. This is leading to excessive delays and costs and has the potential to discourage investment.

The Report recommends that governments increase areas zoned to permit tourism development and clarify and facilitate the rezoning process.

Part 2 of the study, Developing Viable Regional Tourist Accommodation, Part 2 ñ A Practical 'How-To' Guide, also by Arthur Andersen and Planning Workshop Australia, provides, for the first time, a step by step introduction on developing tourist accommodation sites. It includes an award-winning CD-Rom.

Arthur Andersen's Director ñ Hospitality and Leisure Services, Ron de Wit said the report covers the whole development process from concept to development approval and describes areas such as Market Study, Site Selection, Concept Design, Community Consultation, The Approvals Process, Financial Considerations and Funding Options.

According to Mr de Wit, prospective developers who do not understand this process, and who do not plan and budget for things like expert advice and community consultation, can quickly find themselves with mounting expenses, angry neighbours and impatient investors. This guide will help avoid these hurdles and pitfalls.

The sponsors of the both reports include the Office of National Tourism, the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, Tourism NSW, Tourism Victoria the Queensland Travel and Tourism Commission and the NSW Department of Regional Development.

Both reports are available for purchase from the Tourism Task Force by contacting Stephanie Curran on (02) 9368 1500.