On the road

Stretched end to end, the road network of Yarra Ranges would take you from Melbourne to Bundaberg in Queensland. This includes some major highways, which come under the umbrella of VicRoads, but there are also numerous smaller roads.

Local producers rely on these roads to reach markets, while local residents use them to access shopping centres, schools and other community facilities. Community surveys indicate that the state of the roads is residents' second major concern after the environment.

In addition, many people live in isolated circumstances so the roads are crucial in emergency situations. The 980 kilometres of unsealed road, the propensity for landslips after heavy rain and snow all add to the special challenges of Yarra Ranges' infrastructure.

"We are the only urban fringe Municipality that has a snow clearing budget," said John Ross, Corporate Manager Infrastructure and Leisure.

In addition, the large number of visitors to the Shire add to Council's responsibilities and costs. The cost of sealing the entire road network would be prohibitive but Council has put in place a long term strategy to prioritise roadwork.

Each year, it aims to seal more roads. Priority is given to those roads which are major collectors for the highway network, and hence, depended on by local producers. Currently, all roads in the Shire are being assessed and incorporated into the Strategy Plan.

For further information contact John Ross, telephone 1300 368 333.