Landmark for new Century

As Homebush Bay takes shape for the 2000 Olympics, this environmentally sensitive development is being described as an icon to rival the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, according to a promotional video.

A number of delegates at the 7th National Local Government and Community Development Conference took the opportunity to view progress first hand.

On time and on budget, the Homebush development will provide a legacy of permanent sporting venues. These include a 110,000 seat stadium, as well as Aquatic, Hockey, Tennis and Archery centres.

After the Games, the Athletes Village, that will house 15,000 competitors and officials, will become a graceful new suburb for 5,000 residents. Set in bushland, it is energy efficient in regard to light, water and solar power.

All sporting venues will be complete at least 12 months prior to the Games and Para Olympics.

Located in the demographic heart of Sydney, Homebush Bay is certainly a landmark for the new Century.