City of quality and diversity

The recently launched City Plan for Victoria's Stonnington City Council will build a combined future for the former inner urban municipalities of Malvern and Prahran.

"The Plan reflects Council's vision for the new City, a 'City of Quality and Diversity'," said Mayor, Chris Gahan.

He said a key focus of the Plan is recognition of the diversity that characterises Stonnington formed in 1994.

"It is important to understand and express that diversity in a way that translates into policy and future actions," the Mayor said.

The Plan recognises six distinct areas or 'villages' in the new City and the individual characters and needs of those villages. It was developed following extensive community consultation.

Each year, the Plan will be reviewed in the light of changing community needs and views obtained through ongoing consultation. The Plan aims to maintain and maximise opportunities that arise from the diversity of lifestyles and values which exist in Stonnington.

Under the Plan, Council will undertake community consultation, through regular newsletters and electronic communication. It will also fulfil an advocacy role on behalf of the community and endeavour to match service provision with the range of needs in Stonnington.

"The release of the City's vision is an exciting and innovative approach by this first Council to determine the future of Stonnington," said Chief Executive Officer, Frank Tait. "It will add to the quality of people's lives and allow for ongoing communication and consultation.

"Our mission is to make this vision for the future a reality."

For further information contact Frank Tait, telephone (03) 9823 1101.