Natural gas for fleet

Liverpool City Council, located in one of Sydney's most smog affected areas, is the first Council in Australia to start converting its cars from petrol to compressed natural gas (CNG). A local service station has installed CNG facilities to supply Council's fleet of vehicles.

Last year, Council voted unanimously to convert its fleet of more than 100 cars and trucks to natural gas within a five year period. Transport spokesman, Councillor Frank Oliveri, said CNG's cheaper price will compensate for the initial coast of converting Council's fleet.

"The cost of fuelling a car with CNG is about half that of using petrol," he said. "However, the most important benefits of the CNG project, in both social and economic terms, will be the environmental spin offs associated with using CNG as a fuel.

"CNG will help reduce air pollution which is a major cause of respiratory diseases. For this reason alone, it is entirely appropriate for Councils to convert their fleets and lead the way in promoting CNG as a motor vehicle fuel."

The conversion of the Council's fleet to CNG is supported by a range of organisations. These include NRMA Clean Air 2000, Planet ARK and both the NSW and Federal Governments.

For further information contact Kevin Black, Communications Manager, telephone (02) 9821 9563.