High tech solutions

The potential faced by many organisations for lifts, security systems, telecommunications, airconditioning, computer systems and so forth failing with the calendar change to the new millennium are being overcome by Cairns City. All aspects of the new Administration Centre will be Year 2000 compliant.

New contracts have recently been awarded for the supply of records management and library systems which again are Year 2000 compliant.

"Tenders have also been called for the corporate computer system," said Bryan Ottone, General Manager City Administration. "We are currently carrying out an extensive evaluation process to ensure the final solution or solutions are user acceptable."

It is expected that the new solution(s) will be operational by June 30 next year.

"We are also checking all our telemetry testing systems, which pinpoint any problems with underground infrastructure, to ensure they are Year 2000 compliant," Bryan said. "A new radio trunking network to replace the existing mobile radio systems of the two former Councils has also been successfully tendered."

Making the most of state of the art technology, Council is continuing to develop its Web site. As well as having a solid, static level of Council information, Council is working with community groups to link to extensive local community information already available on the Web.

To provide improved service and greater access to Councils business applications, residents and ratepayers will soon be able to pay rates, dog licences and other charges via the Internet.

People doing business with Council requiring application forms and so forth will also soon be able to download these and other necessary information from Council's Web site. Web access is available at all Council Libraries and the one stop customer service centre at the Administration Centre.

Council's Web address is www.cityofcairns.gld.gov.au