Building innovation into contracts

"A major advantage flowing from the increase of contracting out road maintenance is that Councils are no longer locked into the same old practices and methods," said Phillip Leech, Regional Manager Eastern Australia for RainStorm Dust Control Pty Ltd, the dust control and stabilisation professionals.

"Local Government contracts must, however, provide scope for the development and introduction of new ideas, new technology and trialing new methods. Councils not keeping abreast of new methods and technologies, run the risk of going backwards in regards to relative quality and productivity.

"Innovations must be cost effective with the contract allowing a win win result all round: for Council, its Community and Contractors. Too often, the Client and the Provider are pitted against one another with the situation remaining static for the life of the contract, rather then growing and working together for the benefit of all.

"Several Councils were extensively using DustMag prior to contracts, and so it was then written into the contract as a practice to be carried out on a regular basis. In most of these cases, the use of the product has spread entirely due to the economic benefits which have been shared by all parties in the contract.

"Other situations, where the contract is too rigid or one party dominates, have instead remained static, had a negative result or are not able to introduce it at all."

RainStorm has gained widespread acclaim through the use of their DustMag product, verified by a recent ARRB survey. Environmentally benign and 100% Australian made, DustMag has built a reputation within Australia and overseas as the single best road dust suppressant on the market.

Attracting and retaining moisture from its surroundings, DustMag binds the road material and dust tightly in the surface and stops the road from becoming friable. Councils using DustMag find it is a cost effective solution to reduce maintenance costs, stop dust complaints, reduce gravel loss and improve road use efficiency.

Being environmentally friendly is not just a saying, as it has been approved for use on roads within the catchment areas of Melbourne Water. Another area where RainStorm has shown their commitment to innovation is in the area of grader blades by joining forces with Sandvik Rock Tools, a world leader in the production of tungsten carbide tools for the mining and construction industries.

The introduction of the System 2000 Grading System combines RainStorm's world class dust suppressant products with this state of the art road maintenance system. Rather than merely filling the corrugations, potholes and ruts, these blades remove them and at the same time improve the efficiency and productivity of Council's motor graders.

The City of Casey, a fast growing Council on Melbourne's south eastern fringe, comprises a mix of high and low density housing, rapidly expanding urban areas, semi rural and rural living.

Some 400,000 square metres of their road network have been treated annually with DustMag over the last four years. They have also introduced the System 2000 Grading System as a means of maintaining their extensive unsealed road network and preparing the roads for each annual DustMag application.

Council reports that this has resulted in safer passage and improved rideability, lower maintenance costs and increased local amenity through reduced dust. The expected average of 20 times greater use from System 2000 Grader Tools over normal blades, has in fact been twice that amount.

From arid mine sites in Western Australia to the rainforests of Indonesia and the local unsealed roads within your Council or Shire, RainStorm Dust Control Pty Ltd provide a total solution to your road dust and stabilisation problems.

For further information about DustMag or the System 2000 Grading System contact your local RainStorm office or visit our website at

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