Young people in court

Young people in court Brighton Courthouse is set to receive a heavy influx of young people. This is not due to an increase in youth crime but, as a place where local youth can meet and join in various activities.

The historic building designed in a very different era, has not operated as a court for some years and was beginning to deteriorate. It now has a new lease of life as a result of Council's response to meeting youth needs.

With the support of various community groups, ranging from the Police Community Consultation Committee to schools, Rotary and other clubs, the building has been refurbished and will be managed by a new organisation, the Bayside Youth Foundation.

The Foundation will involve itself in acquiring resources for young people in the Municipality, with a variety of groups expected to cooperate. Council provides management services and has appointed a Youth Development Officer to oversee the project, in consultation with other groups involved in the Foundation and young people themselves.

Jennifer McDonald, Corporate Manager Community Services, said that the new centre is an opportunity for young people themselves to develop activities. She said that because the population of Bayside tends to be older and many young people do not go to school locally, they can suffer a sense of isolation and dislocation.

The new facility will serve the dual purpose of providing a community focus for local youth and, at the same time, preserve an old building which had been under utilised. While Council and other organisations involved in the initiative have provided a leadership role, ownership will be given back to young people as they design and run specific programs and activities.

For further information contact Jennifer McDonald, telephone (03) 9599 4444.