Benchmarking community services

Following agreement with the National Office of Local Government late last year, the Local Government Community Services Association Australia (LGCSAA) has launched its National Best Practice and Benchmarking in Community Services and Community Development Project.

Through a scoping study, being undertaken by Consultant Jackie Ohlin, information from Councils on benchmarking and best practice examples is currently being drawn together. A letter was sent to all Community Services Managers requesting input to the study in December.

On March 30, a one day workshop will be conducted in Melbourne with key stakeholders to determine key issues. A draft document covering key issues and proposed applications will be released by the beginning of May. The Australian Local Government Association is supporting the project and will be involved with the project management committee.

"Stage 2 of the project will involve a number of Councils selected to test and refine, from a practical point of view, benchmarking applications set out in the draft document," said Frank Hornby, President LGCSAA, and Director Community Services, Townsville City Council.

"The final Stage involves the production of a Best Practice and Benchmarking Manual. This will be officially launched at the 7th Local Government Community Development Conference in Sydney scheduled for 14-16 October. Workshops on benchmarking techniques will also be staged during the Conference."

For further information contact Jackie Ohlin, telephone (02) 6291 9798 or Frank Hornby, telephone (07) 4771 4431.