Local Government Workplace Reform Project

The Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW is funded under the Local Government Development Program (LGDP) to undertake the Local Government Workplace Reform Project. This project aims to increase the pace of workplace reform across Local Government in NSW to make real improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of Local Government operations.

Additional funding of $600,000 over three years has been provided to advance workplace reform in thirty nine NSW councils. Overall, the project aims to promote an increased self-reliance at local council level in managing and participating in workplace reform, partly through increased cooperation and sharing of expertise, knowledge and facilities between councils. Resource materials will be developed to show processes, guidelines and examples of best practice for the councils participating in the project.

The project will involve assisting over 120 local councils to develop a culture of continuous improvement. Existing work methods and processes are being streamlined and team based work promoted to increase self management and responsibility.

Training is provided to improve workplace morale and an acceptance of reforms, including enterprise bargaining. Mechanisms are being established to quantify productivity gains, estimated to be five percent over the project's duration, measured by decreased service costs and improvements in service delivery.

More information on the Local Government Workplace Reform Project can be obtained by contacting Garry Byrne, at the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW, on (02) 9242 4000.