Infopack assists development

An 'Infopack' developed by the Town of Albany in Western Australia has not only streamlined Council operations but brought time and cost savings for clients. Comprising a series of brochures, it is designed to assist people with subdivisions, health ventilation requirements and septic tank specifications.

Application checklists and pro forma letters assist with neighbour approvals. Development of the 'Infopack' enabled staff to review existing regulations and processes finding ways to present and explain Council regulations in a clearer, less technical and more coherent light.

Staff also devised ways to avoid conflicting or confusing advice being given. Comprehensive training material provides easy guidelines for new staff and assists the Customer Service Team in dealing with inquiries.

In the wider community, the 'Infopack' aims to promote quality new developments that are compatible with existing neighbourhoods, contribute to a safe, attractive physical environment and provide general economic benefits.

The Infopack brochures answer many of the basic queries received by Council and reduce the need for multiple contacts with Council. Albany believes the 'Infopak' system could be adapted for other Councils around the country. By making information readily accessible, the community has a better chance of all new developments meeting their expectations.

For further information contact Chris Grogan, telephone (08) 9892 0333.