Improve your planning with CDATA96

Once every five years the Australian Bureau of Statistics conducts a Census of Population and Housing. The Census is a snapshot of the nation on Census night. It provides details on a variety of aspects of Australian society including age, education, housing, income, transport, religion, ethnicity, language and occupation.

This data forms a vital information source for organisations who make important planning decisions throughout Australia. The information is available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the form of a number of census products. One of these products is CDATA96, the premier product of the 1996 Census.

CDATA96 provides data for all of Australia down to areas of approximately 200 households. This small area selection feature enables users to develop a detailed picture of a specific community, which can lead to greater understanding for planning purposes.

Any number of data and geographic combinations can be analysed as users can select a geographic area, then chose the census data required and view the results as tables, maps or graphs.

"CDATA96 presents the Census as a working tool that enables organisations to make better investment, infrastructure and planning decisions because vital information has been collected and collated for them," said Dr Siu-Ming Tam, Assistant Statistician in charge of the 1996 Census.

CDATA96 has many applications for Local Government. One Council had the task of ensuring that local health resources catered to the needs of non English speaking people in the community.

Using CDATA96, the Council determined the size and location of its non English speaking population and overlaid the location of the region's health centres on the generated maps. This enabled it to decide whether existing health facilities were adequate.

The result was that the Council can now adequately resource each regional centre to meet both current and future demand. It can also deliver services that are more appropriate to the age and ethnic profiles of clients in each region. To assist users to get the most from CDATA96, the ABS is providing ongoing support on a toll free number for the next five years.

A number of Councils across Australia are already successfully using CDATA96 to meet their planning and research needs. Covering both country and city based Local Governments, these Councils include the Bundaberg, Melbourne, Blue Mountains, Blacktown, Sydney, Bunbury, and Gosford.

For a free copy of the CDATA96 demonstration disk or for more information, please call 1800 813 939.

*Copy supplied by ABS Marketing.