Achieving maximum efficiency

A major problem facing Councils is the number of places where information can be stored. Work may often be duplicated, and accessing and distributing relevant material can be time consuming resulting in out of date information. Furthermore, security may be compromised.

With a document management system like Advanced Document and Administration Manager (ADAM), all Council's important documents and files can be stored securely in one place, making it quick and easy for authorised users to find information. Furthermore, information is always up to date and documents can be instantly distributed to users.

ADAM is a high performance document and information management system running across corporate networks and the Internet. It manages, controls and audits access and flow of documents throughout an organisation.

With ADAM, all important business information such as policies and procedures, technical product specifications, CAD or engineering drawings - even video and sound, and minutes of meetings, are logically organised into a single tree structure. Users need only look in one place for information.

Organisations need to improve productivity by making accurate, up to date information instantly available to anyone who needs it. In addition to browsing ADAM's logical tree structure, you can search the title, keywords, custom document type fields, or even the full text content of documents. Because processing happens in the background, staff can continue working while the search takes place. Once found, ADAM's personal bookmarks provide quick access to frequently referenced topics or documents.

Rock solid security is a key aspect of ADAM. Each document has a set of associated access rights which determines who can view or modify the document. ADAM audits every user operation. Denied operations, such as trying to view or delete documents without the necessary access rights, are recorded.

Managed information means effective use of resources. Few organisations can afford the cost of continually monitoring, updating, revising, checking and auditing a manual company wide document pool. By implementing a computerised document management system, Councils can manage and control information effectively.

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