Accessible workplaces

Work opportunities for people with disabilities will be greatly enhanced following the recent launch of 'Accessible Workplaces'. Produced by the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) this booklet is designed to encourage Councils around the country to recognise and capitalise on the contribution people with a disability can make to their organisation.

Launching the booklet in June, Judi Moylan, Federal Minister for Family Services, said that diverse workforces are needed to better meet the needs of people with disabilities and their families.

The booklet details strategies for developing an equal opportunity employment program. These include how to design job descriptions which do not discriminate, how to conduct interview and other job selection procedures, and the provision of appropriate workplaces designed to accommodate people with a disability.

Innovations in technology and other improvements to communication which enhance the work skills of people with disabilities are discussed, along with communication strategies for Human Resource Managers. The booklet was produced by the ALGA via the assistance of a Federal Government grant.

"The Coalition Government would like to see Australia as a country which is inclusive of people with disabilities in all aspects of life," Judi Moylan said. "Being employed is a crucial part of participating in the broader community and an important part of a person's self esteem."

For further information contact Paul Griffiths, telephone (02) 9418 7555.