CD-ROM cuts isolation

Local Government in the Northern Territory, which manages some of the world's most isolated communities, is set to benefit from technology specially designed to overcome some of the difficulties remoteness can bring.

An innovative CD-ROM now provides information on a range of Local Government issues including recruitment, budgeting, staff management and meeting procedures. While watching a staged discussion between two fictitious Councillors, viewers can opt to view wider discussion on any issue pertinent to them simply by clicking on topics.

Information is provided in Walpiri, Pitjantjatjara or English. Developed under the Remote Area Management Project, this is a joint initiative of the Department of Housing and Local Government and the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT).

Designed by RAMP personnel, the CD-ROM provides information and ideas for Councils within their communities rather than the more expensive alternative of travelling vast distances for training and networking.

A feature of the program is a hotlinks which allows viewers to define words and gain access to information from other agencies. Two other CD-ROMs are currently being planned. These will be developed to expand on the topics already covered.

For further information contact Barbara Jackson, Project Manager, telephone (08) 8941 1730.