Australia's Guide to Good Residential Design

The home is a very important part of our lives. Home is where we grow up; where we hope to grow old; it is what we look forward to coming home to; where we relax and share precious moments with our families, friends and as individuals.

The home is also often the biggest financial commitment most of us ever make. So whether we design it, or buy it, it is essential that we get it right. To help achieve this result, Dimity Reed, Professor of Urban Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology was commissioned by the National Office of Local Government to produce Australia's Guide to Good Residential Design.

The publication was funded under the Commonwealth's Local Government Development Program (LGDP). It forms an integral part of the National Marketing, Education and Training Strategy for the Australian Model Code for Residential Development (better known as AMCORD).

Australia's Guide to Good Residential Design conveys AMCORD's approach to planning and design. It is in a format that is easy to read and understand, so that the layperson can have a sound understanding of what constitutes good urban design.

It covers the important issues of energy efficiency; lot orientation; accessibility; designing for both the detached home and multi-unit developments; the importance of privacy, security, streetscapes, landscaping and good utilisation of public open space; and the broader imperatives of what constitutes good urban design.

Australia's Guide to Good Residential Design was produced specifically for Councillors, industry practitioners, the general community, real estate agents and students of planning, design and related disciplines.

Feedback received from industry and professional groups indicates that the Guide has been a resounding success. Copies of Australia's Guide to Good Residential Design have been distributed to all Councils throughout Australia. Industry practitioners and professionals will also receive copies of the Guide.

Copies of the Guide can be obtained by telephoning toll free 1800 803 772 (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm).