Sustainable development on the Gold Coast

One of the fastest growing areas in Australia, the Gold Coast, is making sure that development does not proceed without sufficient attention being paid to its impact on the environment and quality of life. The Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council's Living City Expo, to be held from 8-11 August at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, will feature an Expo and Conference covering the latest developments in energy efficient housing and waste management.

Sponsored by Gold Coast City Council, designs for energy efficient homes will be showcased, along with the latest in environmentally friendly innovations and products. Conference Coordinator Lynn Ogden said that it will be the biggest Expo aimed at sustainable development to be held in Queensland.

"This will be an Expo for everyone, offering many alternatives that can be incorporated into any existing urban or rural home, and ideal for those about to be built," she said. The Conference aims to give examples of developments in ecological design, to demonstrate environmentally sustainable building design and products, to open lines of communication between Council, the community and the development industry and to act as a catalyst in promoting the building of an ESD group housing project.

"The care and protection of Gold Coast's unique environment is paramount to the future of the City, and each one of us," said Mayor Gary Baildon. "This Expo aims to bring together all tiers of government and all sectors of the community, from scientists, inventors, and designers to builders, developers and families.

"The aim is to highlight the many innovative resources and techniques that are now available which can help this Council achieve its aim of a truly sustainable City."

Working models of wind and solar energy applications, water recycling units, waste disposal methods which recycle oil, hints on soil improvement and advice on growing organic food and rainforest plants will all be on show. Frog breeding and worm farming will also be featured.

"We can lead the rest of the country in developing a community that is kind to the environment and leaves something for our children and grandchildren to enjoy," said Lynn Ogden.

For further information on the Expo contact Lynn Ogden, telephone (07) 5578 2250.