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Since May last year, large sections of each edition of Local Government FOCUS have been available on the Internet. In just 12 months, over 300 news items and best practice examples, from Councils and Local Government bodies across the nation, are now available in our Online pages.

As well as highlighting current issues, initiatives and events, the Online pages can now be used for research purposes. Anyone seeking information about Local Government in Australia, can make use of our new 'Search' facility.

If you are interested in benchmarking, customer service agreements, asset management, quality assurance, environmental management systems or whatever, you can search our pages for relevant items. Simply click our search icon, then type in your area of interest.

Similarly, web users can search by an individual Council or Local Government organisation. If you know a particular Council is a leader in a certain field, then typing the Council and topic area will indicate if relevant items are Online.

Check out if we have your Council on the Net. If we have been remiss and not yet covered your ground breaking stories, email the details and we will do the rest.

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