Leadership beyond 2000

Delegates from Councils across Australia gathered in Canberra recently for the 16th Institute of Municipal Management National Congress. A range of speakers from the public and private sector, Australia and overseas, addressed the Congress theme 'Vision for Communities - Leadership Beyond 2000'.

As motivational speaker, Marcia Griffin, Victorian Business Woman of the Year, pointed out 'change is life's only certainty'. The IMM is certainly taking this seriously, appointing Jim Kelly, CEO of the Town of Victoria Park as its first 'National' President.

Jim's predecessors were all known as Federal Presidents. All reference to 'Federal' by the IMM has now been replaced with 'National'. Pointing to the invaluable opportunity to network with long standing friends and meeting new people that the National Congress presents, Jim Kelly said that delegates will undoubtedly return to the communities refreshed and enlightened.

With papers covering a wide range of issues relating to community leadership, delegates were provided with a neat balance of theoretical and practical examples on how to envigor and empower their communities, their organisations and themselves.