Introducing the energy smart home

Energy is fast becoming the environmental issue of the new millennium. But to date there has been no comprehensive approach to introducing energy efficiency policies at the local level.

Enter the Energy Smart Homes Program.

Funded jointly by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), the GreenLight Consortium and major industry sponsors, the program is designed to help Councils implement an energy efficient housing policy in their local area. Initially, it is being implemented in 40 New South Wales Councils, with a view to expanding across the State.

The GreenLight Consortium's spokesperson, solar architect and ESD consultant, David Baggs, who is also a Baulkham Hills Councillor, makes no secret of the program's importance.

"The Energy Smart Program will play a vital role in helping Australia cut household Greenhouse gas emissions and move towards energy sustainability," he said. David is working closely with electrical engineer and sustainable energy campaigner, Roger Bunyan, who is equally enthusiastic.

"We know that, just by installing a solar water heater, we can cut Greenhouse gas emissions by 30%," Roger Bunyan said. "But it is just not happening on a widescale level. One of the key reasons is that no builder is going to make the first move to install solar on a new house because it costs more than traditional water heating. So there really needs to be a level playing field for all builders. The Energy Smart Homes Program will provide that." So far, the signs for the program are very positive.

"The response we are getting is phenomenal," David Baggs said. "There is an incredible pent up demand by Councils who want to be part of a consistent approach. It is an initiative whose time has come."

For more information about the Energy Smart Homes Program, contact the GreenLight Consortium on (02) 9281 5442.

*Copy supplied by GreenLight Consortium