Enhancing public places

The City of Perth has recently released a document called 'The Public Places Enhancement Strategy'. Designed for ease of use by ratepayers, developers, the State Government, Council's elected members and staff, the Strategy will guide future development of public places in the City. In 1995, five strategies were launched relating to lighting, public art, paving, landscaping and street furniture.

The documents were produced under the 'Perth A City for People' program, a joint initiative between the State Government and the City of Perth. Five hundred pages of strategic planning information proved unwieldy so, the five separate strategies have been reformatted into a single City wide plan.

This plan is supported by 15 precinct documents providing further details on the City wide plan, as well as more localised content. The Strategy is a blueprint for future development of the City's public places and provides an exciting glimpse into a warmer, more dynamic and vibrant City of Perth.

The principles of the 'Public Places Enhancement Strategy' include the following.

  • Seeking to strengthen the legibility of the City by emphasising major entry points.
  • Providing a strong framework of major City streets linking the City's squares and parks.
  • Strengthening the links between the City and the River.
  • Reinforcing the Civic Domain.
  • Improving local centers.

To this end, urban design elements, such as street furniture, lighting, paving, landscaping, public art and improved public signage and information, will be used to integrate all aspects of the Strategy. The Strategy also seeks to improve environmental amenity, and ensure the public domain is both safe and accessible to all groups within the community. It signifies a new era of State and Local Government cooperation in the development of the City's public places.

For further information, contact Janine Hebiton at the City of Perth Strategy Unit, telephone (08) 9265 3107.