Conservation network to meet in Coffs Harbour

The Australian Network for Plant Conservation's (ANPC) biannual Conference in Coffs Harbour will be staged from 23 to 27 June. The Conference brings together over 200 delegates with interests in plant conservation to exchange ideas and experiences.

Delegates will learn of current developments from a local to an international perspective with papers, workshops and field trips taking place throughout the Conference. Some of the topics include the following.

  • Local Government initiatives
  • The role of zoos in integrated plant conservation
  • Recent developments in threatened species legislation
  • Regional and botanic gardens involvement in plant conservation
  • Propagation techniques

The theme of the Conference is 'Sharing the Vision' and a special demonstration will be given by the Kings Park Research Group on how to use smoke for germinating rare species, revegetation and bushland management.

This year's invited guests include, Dr Kingsley Dixon, Assistant Director of Kings Park & Botanical Garden and Dr Peter Bridgewater, Head of the Biodiversity Group of Environment Australia.

The ANPC's National Coordinator Jeanette Mill described how the ANPC's broadly based membership of individuals and organisations, with interests in plant conservation from many perspectives, provide a unique opportunity for showcasing diversity and developing cooperative arrangements for more effective conservation outcomes.

Coffs Harbour has been chosen because of its accessibility to rare plant sites and the close proximity to the World Heritage Rainforest at Dorrigo. The rainforest is home to the rare Endiandra Introrsa (Dorrigo Plum) and Alloxylon Pinnatum (Dorrigo Waratah).

For further information telephone Norsearch on 1800 649 202.