Community involvement in shared use path

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield, in conjunction with the Department of Transport's BikeSouth business unit, have constructed a shared use path. Three metres wide and approximately two kilometres in length, the path runs along the foreshore from Semaphore Jetty to Largs Bay Jetty.

Extensive community consultation before the path was constructed addressed sensitive social and environmental issues arising from its location on the foreshore. Strong community support for greater pedestrian access to the foreshore and recreational riding became evident during the consultation process.

The shared use path was constructed to coincide with major upgrade works along the Esplanade. The Community has been involved throughout the process from design to construction, revegetation and the provision of facilities along the length of the path. In spite of it being more expensive, coloured asphalt was used so the path would blend with the environment.

Opened last January, it has been a huge success with locals and visitors who enjoy a ride, walk, skate or run along the beach but prefer an easier surface than the soft sand. Following the success of the path, Council is looking to extend the shared use facility to Outer Harbour. A proposal for this route is being investigated and is expected to link Outer Harbour to the Semaphore Jetty by late 1998.

For further information contact Sama Reid, telephone (08) 8405 6813.