Training for remote area staff

As all organisations are only as good as the people operating them, training for staff and elected representatives is vital. To assist staff in remote areas to enhance their skills, courses have been designed providing on the job training. For remote communities with limited staff, on site training is vital.

Local Government in the Northern Territory employs 1,500 people. Some 1,000 work in remote communities. The training begins with Certificate Two - covering basic remote area Local Government competencies.

Currently being piloted in three East Arnhem Communities - Galiwinku, Gapuwiyak and Milingimbi - between six to ten participants in each community spend one week per month with trainers. This Certificate requires 360 hours contact time.

Training is supplemented by mentors who provide ongoing support between the monthly training sessions. Trainees can then move on to Certificate Three which will also involve on site training. Certificate Four and the Diploma level of study will be a combination of on the job training and joint sessions conducted on a regional basis. It is anticipated that Certificate Three and Four will be offered from the beginning on 1998.

Certificate Three and Four will also be offered as two streams, one for administration staff and one for works staff.

Certificate Four (Admin) would equate to qualifications necessary for Finance Managers or Deputy Council Clerks. Certificate Four in the works stream would equate to necessary skills for Works Supervisors.

The Diploma will qualify staff to be employed as a Council Clerk. These Certificate and Diploma courses will provide benchmark qualifications for management positions and provide a career path structure for Council staff, as well as improve community management skills and performance.

For further information contact Michael Banks, telephone (08) 8999 5062.