Infrastructure program at Nguiu

On Bathurst Island, Nguiu Community Government Council is taking a proactive approach to community infrastructure. It is investing money in facilities, not only needed by the community, but with a dual advantage of providing a financial return on the investment.

Following a coronial inquiry in July last year which found the existing police station was unfit for human habitation, Council is about to undertake the construction of a new station. This will be leased back to the Northern Territory Police Service. Negotiations are currently underway to determine the conditions of the leasehold agreement.

The new station will include visiting officer quarters, a station and office area and two air conditioned holding cells. Cool temperatures have been found to be the best way of reducing violence in intoxicated detainees. Tenders will be called for the building of the facility, with hopes high that the local Tiwi building team will win the contract.

In a joint venture with the Northern Territory Government, Council is also undertaking the construction of a new training centre. This will avoid the need for local people to travel to Darwin for further education and training.

Health issues are also being addressed with the building of a $1.2 million renal unit of the island. Tiwi Islanders have the highest incidence of kidney failure in the world and at present must travel to Darwin for dialysis. The Commonwealth and Territory Health Service is providing funding, with Council making an attractive location available for the unit.

Council is also using local road building teams to create a number of housing subdivisions to accommodate its increasing population. The new infrastructure will improve overall living standards on the Island, as well as provide employment and training opportunities.

For further information contact Alan Harris, Town Clerk, telephone (08) 8978 3966.