Best practice using the Internet

FOCUS Web Site,, promotes Best Practice in Local Government.

The Internet is a new means of communicating. FOCUS Web Site, part of this new communication network, provides information that can be accessed by the world wide audience of Web users.

'Best Practice' is one of the nine major links on the FOCUS Site. It is totally driven by input from people who come online. Its content is presented by people who have started to use the system creatively to ask questions or to share ideas and information.

Topics running currently include the following.

  • Performance Indicators for Councillors
  • Sustainable Development
  • Benchmarking Local Roads Expenditure
  • Heritage Guidelines
  • Customer Charters.

There is no limit to the topics or to the number of questions, responses or comments that can be presented. All input received is added within one week.

Check our Best Practice page next time you are online. Add a new topic or respond to a question or an idea already raised. Why not use this opportunity to communicate and share ideas and, at the same time, demonstrate to the Internet world that Australia is at the cutting edge of Local Government Best Practice.