Tourism Online

Greater Lithgow has a wide range of natural and built attractions. Its very active Tourism Association has been working hard to make the most of these attributes. Formed in 1990, the Greater Lithgow Tourism Association comprises tourist operators, community and Council representatives. Although it operates as a separate arm, it works in close collaboration, receiving 75% of its funding from Council.

During 1995/96, the Association established a web site on the Internet. Located at it believes it is one of the first regional tourist bodies in Australia to go Online. Thanks to the work of Debra Morris, the Association's Tourist Officer, this site now has 53 pages, covering attractions, events, accommodation and a host of other information about the area, all available to a world wide audience.

"It is proving extremely successful with bookings able to be made electronically via the email facility," Debra said. "Over the coming year, we will continue to expand our site. In addition, a number of Association members are also keen to go Online."

With the economic downturn in the 1980s, Council realised that it needed to encourage greater economic diversity, pinpointing tourism as a key potential for further development. With its rich heritage and abundance of natural beauty, Council continues to place a high priority on both preserving and protecting its built and natural attributes.

For further information contact Debra Morris, at the Lithgow Visitors Centre, telephone (063) 53 1859.