Interactive induction program

South Australia's Local Government Training Authority and Adelaide City Council, with the assistance of Quoin Technology, are developing a two module interactive multi media package for use by Councils both in South Australia and beyond.

The first module will provide an overview of Local Government in Australia covering general characteristics, functions and its relationship with other spheres of government.

The second will be State specific on the legislative framework, relationship with other spheres of government, functions and range of variables between Councils.

Individual Councils will have the capacity to have their content built in, resulting in a customised information and induction program.

It is envisaged that the primary users of the induction package will include the following.

  • New and existing employees within Local Government
  • New and existing elected members within Local Government
  • Those engaged by Councils on labour market programs
  • Those undertaking relevant further education
  • Councils participating in school career nights
  • School students undertaking Civics or Australian Studies.

The system is due for release in November of this year.