Asset management made easy

The requirement for Local Authorities to comply with AAS27 reporting standards for Asset Management has been seen as a challenge by Rockingham City Council in Western Australia. In response, it has instituted a strategy which will have ongoing benefits in terms of efficient management and preservation of valuable assets.

The strategy has commenced with a pilot study to evaluate asset data, capture techniques and provide accurate estimates of time and costs involved. The pilot study is taking place in the Shoalwater district which offers a mixture of old and new properties and the full spectrum of infrastructure assets in varying conditions.

Council is working with consultants Jeff Roorda and Associates and Perth based GIS specialists NGIS (Aust) Pty Ltd on this project.

Paul Harris from NGIS believes that a strategic approach is vital for smooth short term compliance, along with achieving long term benefits of better asset management.

Various components Rockingham is trialing include the following.

  • Use of a pocket computer that enables information to be placed in the system on site.
  • A customised GPS data logging system which requires minimal training for staff to build up a comprehensive data base.
  • Incorporation of existing digital data.
  • The establishment of database structures and templates and conversion of road boundaries to GIS compatible formats with training and data capture commenced.

In training staff to use data pick up techniques, a more realistic evaluation of the process is made possible. Staff will also be better equipped with a good working knowledge of the system to take up the remainder of the work in future.

Commenting on the progress of the pilot study, Stewart Marshall, Manager Technical Services at Rockingham said that, although a complete report on the pilot is not yet available, it is the general impression of staff that the program has been successful.

"It will fulfil our requirements for asset management providing Council with an integrated asset management system for all our infrastructure assets that will not only meet the requirements of AAS27, but provide an efficient management tool," he said.

For further information contact Stewart Marshall, Manager Technical Services, telephone (09) 528 0333.